"13 Reasons Why," about a teenager who commits suicide. The stomach-turning suicide scene has triggered criticism . Beth Dubber

Rocky principal weighs in on controversial show

A PRINCIPAL at a leading Rockhampton High School is encouraging parents and students alike to use caution before watching high-school show 13 Reasons Why.

Netflix created worldwide discussion after the show was released on March 31 and Rockhampton Girls Grammar principal Christine Hills has been caught up in its tangle.

In a letter to parents at the school, Mrs Hills penned her opinion of the controversial show but said it had its benefits.

"I have taken the time to watch a few of the 13 hour-long episodes as a mother and an educator, so that I was aware of the nature of the program,” she wrote.

"In my view, it raises some matters that are very relevant to young people. These include issues like dating, bullying, sexual issues, sexual identity and more.

"I must confess I have found the episodes I have managed to get through to be quite bleak and there seems to be a tendency to pack in as many 'conflict' issues as possible to keep the pace going.”

Christine Hills, Rockhampton Girls Grammar Principal.
Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin
Rockhampton Girls Grammar Principal Mrs Christine Hills encourages parents to watch 13 Reasons WHy. Allan Reinikka ROK290116ahills2

Mrs Hills said aspects of the program were startlingly graphic and confronting, particularly those involving rape and suicide.

"I am aware as a parent that it is important we don't exacerbate the reach of these types of programs by talking them up,” she said.

"However I feel it necessary to state that I believe that it is something that parents may certainly wish to watch or be aware of in case the subject comes up at home.

"Headspace has raised concerns about the treatment of suicide in the series and I urge you to look at their website in more details.

"Our welfare committee is aware of the nature of the series and is also aware of the Heaspace resources. I encourage you to take a look at the series so that you are aware of what it is about.”