Venue manager Paul Parrant welcomes trance fans to the Leichhardt Hotel
Venue manager Paul Parrant welcomes trance fans to the Leichhardt Hotel

Rocky pub to host major trance and dubstep gigs

An inner city hotel has stepped up to offer fans of trance and dubstep music an Australia Day gig in Rockhampton.

The Morning Bulletin reported in November that several local venues declined to host an event by the Tuckshop Team, which resulted in frustrated locals driving to Mackay instead.

Paul Parrant, who has returned to the Rockhampton hospitality scene after a four-year stint up north, saw the opportunity to test the waters.

"Here at the Leichhardt Hotel, we've got two big function rooms which can hold about 400 people each," he said. "We've done our homework, and checked everything out with the regulatory bodies and the police (who are just across the road), so I'm confident we can give the region what it wants."

Mr Parrant met with the Tuckshop Team who are "excited" to expand a range of gigs into Central Queensland.

"They're keen to branch out into different genres and that fits with the Leichhardt's vision of Rockhampton as an entertainment hub," he said.

"I wonder if the reason lots of people leave Rockhampton is because there's nothing for them to do here? It's crazy hundreds of locals had to drive to Mackay to get to see the gigs they wanted."

The Australia Day event will feature headline acts Infekt (Germany), Apashe (Canada) and Getorix (Newcastle).

Organisers have joined forces with the Big Beer Festival on the riverfront to offer discounted, dual-event tickets.

With a range of accommodation options, and a new buffet-style restaurant concept on offer, Mr Parrant hopes that, by hosting gigs, the Leichhardt will attract out-of-towners to the region.

In addition to the Australia Day gig, it will host a comedy gig in February. And while he's cautiously optimistic about ticket sales this first time around, he trusts local music aficionados will "put their money where their mouth is".

"Businesses can't keep going if they don't change with the times and find out what a changing population wants," he said.

"We've done the work to get what the public said they wanted so I hope they come along, after they enjoy Australia Day with their families, and party on until two or three in the morning."

Ticket information is on the Tuckshop, Eventbrite and Leichhardt websites