Rocky show public holiday to be moved

THE public holiday originally planned Rockhampton Agricultural Show is likely to be held much later this year.

The issue was discussed around the Rockhampton Regional Council table on Tuesday where it was approved for CEO Evan Pardon to write to the Minister for Industrial Relations Policy and Regulation to change the gazetted Rockhampton Agricultural Show holiday date for 2020.

The public holiday was originally planned for June 11.

It was noted a public holiday in June would have added more cost to the region at a critical time, with employers paying for a day off, as well as enticing the community to be out of home in a period that is forecast to still have social distancing regulations in force.

Rockhampton Regional Council had moved to cancel the show at a special council meeting on March 16, following the coronavirus pandemic.

The mayoral minute stated “given the peculiar nature of agricultural shows and their propensity to spread flu and illness, as a precautionary measure, this will include cancelling the Rockhampton Agricultural Show in 2020”.

This year would have marked 147 years of the Rockhampton Agricultural Show.

The new date hasn’t been determined yet but it would be later in 2020 once the COVID-19 event regulations have been lifted. The show remains cancelled.

The council hopes to postpone the public holiday to when a community event is able to be held and celebrate reuniting the community.

It is envisaged the new date could be between October 1 and December 20.