The students experienced a small part of what it is like for poverty children.
The students experienced a small part of what it is like for poverty children. Contributed

Rocky students experience what poverty life is really like

AN EXCITING new program has started this year at Frenchville State School called BLOOM.

The BLOOM program caters for selected high achieving students in Grades three to six in the areas of Numeracy and Literacy.

These students work in small groups with the BLOOM Teacher each week in an exciting, creative and challenging way.

Yr 5 Literacy BLOOMers at Frenchville State School are presently learning about the plight of children in developing countries through their unit called 'In their Shoes'.

"Ensuring our Frenchville students become active global citizens is an important focus of the BLOOM program,” BLOOM Coordinator/Teacher Wendy Goldston said.

"This unit is essentially developing both empathy and understanding through the unique challenges I set for the BLOOMers.”

On Thursday, the BLOOMers really 'walked in their shoes' of less fortunate children by carrying 6L of water throughout the school for almost an hour.

They got to experience what billions of children must do every day to obtain water.

The 33 students motivated each other throughout their trek with comments such as "They have to do this every day. We can do it just for a little time.”

Mrs Goldston was very proud of the students' commitment, desire to complete the task and enthusiasm to walk in the shoes of others.

There was also a lot of discussion about how alarming the lives of children are in developing countries and that they were very appreciative of what they have in their own lives.

The students will continue their 'In their Shoes' inquires next week when they focus on hunger.

"We all must do something to help,” demanded Harrison.

In response, these students will hold a fundraising event in coming weeks to support an aid organisation.

Funds raised will be donated to children in need.

Student comments:

Sarah: :I am hurt and feel like crying thinking about the plight of children in our world.”

Lathan: "Water is a basic right and yet 1.1 billion children don't have access to clean water right now.”

Jaynee: "I cried when I learnt what they must go through every day.”

Elijah: "Walking with water today has taught me that I'm so very lucky to have what I do.”

Annie: "Today my arms were aching and my was back hurting but there's no way I'd complain. They can't complain, they just have to do it. So that's what I did.”

Daniel: "The water they walk for is full of disease, and yet it's all they have. It's shocking!”

Branegan: "After walking with the water today I was puffed and tired. I just couldn't imagine doing that for the rest of my life and just for dirty water.”

Evie: "I'm experiencing immense sadness as I walk knowing that this is the life of children around the world.”

Summer: "Water equals life. But walking for water means no life.”