North Rockhampton High School students Ashleigh Nicholson and Hannah Svensen.
North Rockhampton High School students Ashleigh Nicholson and Hannah Svensen. Allan Reinikka ROK070819ayouth1

Rocky students given career direction at youth summit

STUDENTS from around Rockhampton have gathered at the PCYC to hear from a range of speakers from different industries at the annual Hey YOUth summit.

The morning kicked off with a presentation from Zac Garven from Edge and Empire Apartments who told the students of the possibilities available in the tourism industry.

He also gave them some inside tips on what an employer looks for, and it was advice that transcended the realm of tourism.

He stressed the importance of a robust well-written resume, good personal presentation and self-confidence when applying for any job.

Anyone entering most industries needed to be prepared to start at the bottom and work their way up, according to Mr Garven.

Ashleigh Nicholson and Hannah Svensen from North Rockhampton High School were among those paying close attention.

"It's good that he explained it a lot more, and showing us the importance of making a good impression,” Ashleigh said.

The pair said they were surprised by how broad the tourism industry was, as Mr Garven explained the variety of jobs involved in the industry - from bar tending to tour guiding.

"It was very empowering. I never knew you could do so many jobs in tourism and they all sound like fun,” Ashleigh said.

"It was nice to hear how many tourists we get in Rockhampton, and all of the locations we have to visit,” Hannah said.

"It's so important for this area and it runs so much of the country - I didn't know that before.”

Unlike many others attending the summit, Ashleigh and Hannah already have their eyes set on their respective career paths.

Ashleigh has her eyes set on entering law when she finishes school.

She was excited to hear a law presentation later in the schedule.

Hannah is lining up a trade and is already working towards securing a diesel fitting apprenticeship when her school days come to an end.

Keppel MP Brittany Lauga hosted the event and said many of the students in the room were unsure about their future career paths.

She hopes the diverse range of presentations would help them make up their minds but stressed "it was not the end of the world” if students were not ready to decide.