FOOTY FOOD: Find out how many pizzas were made every 30 minutes in one Rockhampton store.
FOOTY FOOD: Find out how many pizzas were made every 30 minutes in one Rockhampton store. Crystal Jones

Rocky suburb eats staggering amount of pizza during Origin 1

THE actions of North Rockhampton's rugby league fans spoke louder than words during the first State of Origin match when they chose pizza as the ultimate football food.

Domino's Glenmore, on Farm St, made the second most amount of pizzas in Queensland and New South Wales during the match with 324 pizzas purchased every 30 minutes.

Franchisee James Dooley said origin games were the most important dates on the calendar each year.

"Pizza is the ultimate sharing meal and there's something on our menu for everyone, so it makes sense that Domino's is a popular choice on Origin night,” James said.

"The Glenmore team always looks forward to game nights because there's an electric atmosphere in-store, with everyone working together to handle the rush and feed hungry footy fans.”

Meatlovers was the pizza of choice for game one origin fans.

Mr Dooley said pizza sales tripled the amount sold on a regular Wednesday.

With Queensland decorations adorning the store and staff members dressing up in support of the sunshine state, maroon is the colour of choice at the Glenmore store.

But despite being a Maroons supporter, Mr Dooley said they still made pizza for the blues supporters.

"We couldn't discriminate,” he said.

"Getting hundreds of pizzas out the door in a short period of time is our priority.”

Once the pre-game origin rush is over, most staff members race home to catch the match, but some are left working in hope of preparing victory pizzas for those celebrating Queensland's win.

The Glenmore team are now preparing for game two this Sunday.