Rocky teen ‘cried wolf’ with Stockland bomb hoax

A TEENAGER who called in a bomb hoax to Stockland Rockhampton did so because he was curious as to what would happen.

Norris Frederick Jerome Blair, 19, today pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court to one count of carrying out a bomb hoax.

Crown prosecutor Will Slack said Blair rang triple-0 and told the operator there was a black bag with a bomb in it in JB Hi Fi.

The court heard he used a payphone in Stockland near JB Hi Fi to make the call on June 4, 2019, about 3pm which led to the shopping complex being evacuated.

“This could be regarded as a childish, irrational offence which caused fear to the public and loss of business,” Mr Slack said.

He said this offence was committed by Blair while he was subject to other court orders.

Judge Michael Burnett said police did not find anything suspicious.

“It didn’t take a great deal of detective work for police to find you,” he said.

“To me it looks like he did this just to see what the outcome would be, which is indicative of his juvenile mind.

“One of the possible outcomes of this sort of behaviour is people may be less trusting or more cynical when a real bomb is called in.

“It’s called crying wolf.”

Blair breached two probation orders by committing the bomb hoax offence and had a history which included breaching bail and property offences.

He spent 66 days in presentence custody.

“Having been in prison, I’m hoping your attitudes have changed a bit,” Judge Burnett said.

He said Blair had cognitive disabilities and hadn’t “seen how normal people live”.

Judge Burnett ordered Blair to 66 days prison, declared presentence custody and two years probation.

He warned Blair if he didn’t engage positively with probation this time, he would be resentenced and look at a prison term with parole.

“If you breach parole you will be taken straight into custody,” Judge Burnett said.

“You have reached the end of the line.”