MISFITS REMEMBERED: Jack Lewis is keen to get some feedback on an F Troop touch football reunion.
MISFITS REMEMBERED: Jack Lewis is keen to get some feedback on an F Troop touch football reunion. Allan Reinikka ROK151013amanners

Rocky Touch helped make the game what it is today

THE Rocky Touch, as we know it today, is the best breeding ground for this great game in the way that is displayed here in Queensland.

And the reasons are obvious: great coaches (won't name them all because I would be a bit biased in my selections), good administration, and the list goes on.

The game of touch here in Rockhampton began many years ago when each individual had to be 25 or older to compete.

My early recollections of touch date back to Rockhampton in 1978 when I was employed by Chippindale Motors and approached by Brian Hammond to join their touch football team, which was called F Troop.

I probably laughed off the invitation because I could only imagine what was in store, as I was a fan of the television show F Troop.

This particular touch club, when at their best, won every grand final at the Gracemeare Complex, from A grade down to E grade. Not sure of the year, but no other club in Rocky Touch has been able to replicate this achievement to my knowledge.

The TV show was about Army misfits who were not good enough for the regular army and sent west.

This club had a lot of "misfits” over the years - I say that with the highest regard - but when an F Troop team took to the field, opposition players knew they had to play a TEAM.

This particular club and the players involved were never beaten - sure, they lost some games, but the definition of the word "team” was always evident in every level at this club.

Troopers were not the best players or the most talented, but the desire to compete against all others was evident in every player who played for the Troopers.

I don't recall how many A-grade premierships the Troopers won, but it would have been in double figures.

This great game of touch has evolved so much over the years and is totally different to the way it was played back then, but this generation of touch players are blessed with so much talent and are so successful at all levels here in Queensland and Australia.

But without clubs that were involved in Rocky Touch in the early years, the game would not be where it is today, and without question the F Troop Touch Football Club was the most influential in the beginning of touch here in Rockhampton.

A few of the old Troopers are considering a reunion in the not to distant future and I would appreciate some feedback from those interested.

My mobile phone number is 0457468484.

Jack Lewis