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Rocky workers rush to grab Adani jobs

ROCKHAMPTON Region workers have flooded Adani's website with job applications for the Carmichael Mine project within days of its construction announcement.

Adani Mining CEO Lucas Dow was delighted with the enthusiastic response from the region, which is one of two employment hubs (Townsville is the other) for the 1500-job project during the initial ramp-up and construction phase.

"If evidence was ever needed as to how eager regional Queensland is to see the Carmichael Project proceed, it's demonstrated through the hundreds of requests we've received this weekend following our announcement (Thursday), from regional Queenslanders wanting to work on the Project,” Mr Dow said yesterday in an open letter of thanks to the people of Rockhampton (see Page 13).

Lucas Dow, CEO Adani Mining.
DELIGHTED: Adani Mining CEO Lucas Dow. Contributed

More than 100 of the applications were received from people in the Rockhampton Region, which has been guaranteed its position as a primary source for employees on the Carmichael Project.

"I encourage people interested in working on the Carmichael Project to register their interest through the employment and supplier portals that are now live on Adani's website -,” Mr Dow said.

"Roles and work packages will be advertised on these portals. Adani Mining and all its suppliers for the Carmichael Project will have access to these portal sites to help them find the best candidates to deliver the work.

"We're ready to start mining and deliver on our promises to regional Queensland, creating jobs, and helping local businesses thrive for many years to come.”

Adani jobs
Adani jobs Andrew Jefferson

Preparatory works at the site were "imminent” as Adani works through the remaining required management plans ahead of coal production. This process is expected to be finalised in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, a new YouGov Galaxy poll conducted for News Queensland showed 44 per cent of 839 participants were opposed to the project, while 38 per cent supported it and one in five voters remained uncommitted. A February poll this year had voters for and against split at 44 per cent each.

In a sign of division between city and country, there were more opponents (47 per cent) than supporters (34 per cent) in southeast Queensland, while these numbers were reversed in regional areas, with 47 per cent support and 38 per cent opposition.

An Adani spokesperson responded to the poll, saying Adani would continue with its comprehensive community engagement program to inform people about the mine and its progress.

"We do a significant amount of engagement with regional Queensland communities ourselves using a variety of methods, from traditional market research, to face-to-face engagement at community festivals, town hall meetings and one-on-one meetings, not to mention daily conversations with people on social media and other electronic customer service channels,” the spokesperson said. "This ensures we have a very real understanding of what our communities expect of us and the information they need to be fully educated about the Carmichael Project.”

"What we know from this engagement is that regional Queensland's support for the project is strong, regardless of the myths being spread by anti-mining activists.”

Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow also called out a different phone poll on Adani for asking false and misleading questions.

"Last week, my husband received a phone poll with one of the questions being 'Do you support the State Government decision to give unlimited water to Adani?' (or words to this effect),” she said in her mayoral column.

"Water for Adani has certainly been a hot button issue but this question is simply dishonest and misleading.”

Strelow calls out fake news on Adani 'unlimited' water claim

She said there were almost 270 conditions on the project to protect the natural environment and the interests of landholders and traditional owners.

More than 100 of these conditions relate to groundwater. Adani's water licences provide the mine with a volume of water about 1 per cent of what farmers are able to use in the Burdekin catchment now.

"Modelling has shown that Adani could take 4550 megalitres of groundwater a year, roughly the amount used each year by a 450ha cane farm in the Lower Burdekin,” she said.

The types of roles required for the Carmichael mine and rail project

Rail operators, village management

Administration including HR, safety, environmental, emergency services, finance, and warehouse

Fitters/electrical operators for CPP/loadout

Trades assistants including tyre fitters and service technicians

Mechanical, electrical engineers and maintenance planners

Coal quality metallurgical and lab technicians

Mining engineers, geologists and surveyors

Equipment operators and supervision

Tradespeople being fabrication, boilermakers, carpenters, plumbers and electrical

Designers and engineers

Superintendents and managers.