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Notorious fatigue zone

IT may be some time before it is known why the ute involved in Friday's double fatality veered onto the wrong side of the road and hit a truck.

But police say the Bruce Hwy stretch between Rockhampton and Yaamba is a notorious fatigue zone.

In the past two years, six crashes in the area have resulted in deaths.

A 55-year-old Sarina man and a 45-year-old Moranbah man were killed instantly in Friday's fatality, which police are still investigating.

Regional traffic coordinator Inspector Mike Curtin said driver fatigue was "devastating lives" and pleaded with drivers to stay alert.

"As people become comfortable about the fact they've almost reached their destination, they become less alert," Insp Curtin said.

"And from Yaamba onwards, fatigue is definitely a consideration."

There have been 35 deaths on Central Queensland roads this year.

This figure is the same for this time last year, but it is 10 more than in 2010.