• Bucasia man Brian Tapim, 23, escaped from the Capricornia Correctional Centre between 2am and 4.30am Sunday along with Rockhampton man Jermaine Lee Anderson
  • Tapim is serving 6 years, 5 months for assault
  • Anderson is serving 6 years for robbery with actual violence
  • Police spotted Tapim driving a vehicle in the Mackay region this morning
  • Tapim ditched the vehicle on Sarina Oakenden Road 
  • He fled on foot with another man and a woman
  • The woman was arrested shortly after
  • Tapim was arrested at an Oakenden Rd property at 3.50pm

LATEST 3.45PM: POLICE CREWS have reportedly re-captured prison escapee Brian Tapim at a property in the Oakenden area. 

Initial reports indicate an Oakenden Road landholder called 000 after spotting the 23-year-old nearby, with police arresting the Bucasia man soon after. 

More to come. 

UPDATE 3PM: POLICE have removed a cordon in Oakenden and have moved their search area to Sarina after information Tapim and another man have been picked up and are travelling in a vehicle. 

It is understood police are now positioning themselves on Anzac St, Nicholson St and throughout the Sarina township. 

Tapim is understood to be travelling in a Holden Clubsport. 

More to come. 

UPDATE 2.25PM: POLICE have confirmed one woman has been taken into custody and two men, including Brian Illington Trent Tapim, are at large.

An officer at the scene said Mr Tapim, and another man, were involved in a number of evade police incident in Sarina today.

They have been tracked to a location on Oakenden Sarina Rd.

The dog squad and a QPS dune buggy is currently searching for the men.

One woman is in custody.

More to come.

UPDATE 1.35PM: MACKAY Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Tucker has confirmed police are working to track down escaped prisoner Brian Tapim in the Oakenden area. 

"I can confirm that (there's been sightings in the Mackay region). We're conducting investigations as we speak in relation to a possible sighting out at Homebush," Det Snr Sgt Tucker said. 

"Earlier this morning, one of our uniform patrols observed the vehicle, which we believe was being driven by one of the escapees.

"That occurred over in the North Mackay area. That same vehicle has now been located out near Homebush and we're conducting investigations out there.

"There's a large number of police out there at the moment searching for the occupants of that vehicle."

UPDATE 1PM: MULTIPLE police crews are searching the Oakenden area for escaped prisoner Brian Tapim.

The Bucasia man is understood to be in the Oakenden Sarina Road area on foot.

Police have reportedly notified the Oakenden State School of the situation.

Back-up crews are being called to the scene from Mackay with the dog squad on the ground tracking Tapim now.

A Daily Mercury reporter at the scene said there is a heavy police presence in the area.

More to come.


INITIAL: THE DOG squad has been called in to assist police with a search for a wanted man south west for Mackay.

While initial details are sketchy, the Daily Mercury understands police are tailing escaped prisoner Brian Illington Trent Tapim in the Oakenden area.

It is understood police were following the 23-year-old, who escaped from the Capricornia Correctional Centre in the early hours of Sunday morning, in a vehicle along Sarina Oakenden Road before he ditched the vehicle and fled on foot.

It comes after Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Peachey this morning confirmed there had been sightings of Tapim in the Mackay area.

Police are currently establishing a cordon in the Oakenden area with reports Tapim is in a 'very agitated and violent' state.

It is unknown whether Tapim, who is serving six years and five months for assault, is armed.

A woman is understood to have been arrested at the scene.