AFL CAPRICORNIA: Yeppoon's Skye Anthony with the ball
AFL CAPRICORNIA: Yeppoon's Skye Anthony with the ball

ROUND 2: Consecutive wins give Roos’ season a jump start

AUSSIE RULES: Capricornia 2019 runners-up Rockhampton Kangaroos look to be hellbent on reclaiming what was last year lost, following its second consecutive win of the season against long-time rival Yeppoon Swans.

While historically fairly consistent in four-quarter work, Saturday’s display saw a string of fresh and mostly inexperienced faces to the 2020 list leave a vulnerable Brothers backline open for target.

As sunny skies welcomed the AFLC senior womens clash at Kele Park, the top-ranking home team took little time to make it known whose turf the Swans were on.

While an overall low-scoring contest, full forward Cordell O’Meara punted what would become her first of two spectacular goals only minutes into the game – the highest recorded across both sides.

The undefeated side appeared to enjoy a renewed confidence in their on-field skills on the back of last week’s 80-nill success against Gladstone, with heavy pressure and defence rarely letting up.

Despite the visitors seeing out the first half goalless, Roos coach Luke Rumpf admitted his squad expected an easier win due to a previous scratch match success before the season’s start.

“Yesterday’s game was a lot tougher than what the girls were expecting.”

“There was a few girls there yesterday who weren’t in the last one and I think that put my girls off a bit to start with, but we worked it out in the end which is good,” he said.

With star Roos full forward Chelsea Carroll sidelined due a knee injury, both Ellyssa Ruff on the wing and half forward Georgia Carroll ensured their use of space and timely punts proved difficult to combat.

AFL CAPRICORNIA: Brothers' Cordell O'Meara has her eye on the ball
AFL CAPRICORNIA: Brothers' Cordell O'Meara has her eye on the ball

Carroll further cemented her handiwork early on in the second term following an easy sitter, securing the game’s second goal and halftime lead by 14 points.

Hotly contested plays from both sides remained consistent entering into the second half, the Swans at times fumbling through untidy hand balls which allowed a fired up to take possession.

“When the ball was on the ground in dispute, our girls were first to the ball a lot of the time and when Swans did get the ball first, we managed to wrap them up pretty quick to get a few stoppages.”

However, they were able to capitalise on a shaken Roos squad following the yellow carding of prominent centre half-back Katelyn Lynch due to rough conduct.

“That sort of threw everyone off and we got a little bit unstuck there for a while, but when she came back on everything sort of fell back into place,” Mr Rumpf said.

It seemed all hopes of a Swans victory were dashed heading into the final quarter; the margin between the sides now lengthened to hearty 20 points.

AFL CAPRICORNIA: Brothers' Tanelle Ward with the ball
AFL CAPRICORNIA: Brothers' Tanelle Ward with the ball

However, Swans full forward Ella Calleja would not be deterred by a looming siren as she booted the side’s first goal midway through its final quarter.

Unfortunately, the momentum simply could not revive a weary and disjointed Swans, succumbing to its first loss of the season.

While relishing in the 29-9 victory, Mr Rumpf said focus had now turned to next week’s grand final rematch against reigning premiers Rockhampton Panthers.

“It’s going to be a really tough game. We’ll have a plan to rotate a fair bit through the midfield, so we don’t tire so quickly.”

“Hopefully we’ll get on top of Panthers early and get a bit of scoreboard pressure on early and hopefully go from there.”

The second consecutive win for Brothers sees the side retain its newly-minted top position on the ladder, while Yeppoon fell from its second place to sit at fourth.


  • BITS Saints 0.0-0 – 12.15-87 Rockhampton Panthers
  • Gladstone Suns 1.0-6 – 11.14-80 Glenmore Bulls
  • Brothers Kangaroos 4.5-29 – 1.3-9 Yeppoon Swans


  • 1. Brothers Kangaroos
  • 2. Rockhampton Panthers
  • 3. Glenmore Bulls
  • 4. Yeppoon Swans
  • 5. BITS Saints
  • 6. Gladstone Suns