AFL CAPRICORNIA: Yeppoon Swans' Leigh Cossens delivers a sitter.
AFL CAPRICORNIA: Yeppoon Swans' Leigh Cossens delivers a sitter.

ROUND 2: Dominant Swans reclaim rightful position

AUSSIE RULES: Round two of the AFLC Frenchville Sports Club Premiership’s return appears to have cemented what could be another reigning Swan’s season following a showcase against Rockhampton’s Kangaroos.

Brothers have previously shown their ability to match with other top contenders but inability to play consistent four-quarter footy has historically been an issue – and Saturday afternoon proved no different.

Taking to the ground at a packed Kele Park, the visiting side cemented its dominance early on, with full forward Nathan Milburn snapping the opening goal only minutes into the first quarter.

While a rising scoreboard proved a familiar comfort for the swans, valiant efforts to break through its stacked backline by opposing full forwards Tom Shackleton and Damon Dessent fell short.

Despite rounding out the first quarter scoreless, Roos’ came back with a regrouped mindset and mostly tidy ball work which would see the home squad determined to make some impact.

While Swans full forward Eli Wells continued to make his presence known, adding an additional goal to his previous two, Brothers’ midfielder Reece Groves refused to be outdone.

The star player replying soon after, slicing through the team’s much-needed first goal of the game late into the second quarter.

Though momentum – and a lively cheer squad – looked to be building for the home side, speedy ball work and heavy pressure proved too much as the Swans led by 59 points at halftime

Swans Coach Mark Wallin revealed tactics heading into this weekend’s game involved a strong focus to deliver consistent handballing – a stark contrast to the previous week’s less than stellar numbers.

AFL CAPRICORNIA: Brothers vs Yeppoon Swans
AFL CAPRICORNIA: Brothers vs Yeppoon Swans

“Last week we had a record low in the six years that I’ve been coach. We had 48 handballs for the game, normally we’re usually well above the hundreds.”

“Today we got up to about 90, which means at least we’re at least somewhat back. When we get around 100, we know we’re playing free flying football and the score just takes care of itself,” he said.

While hopes for a comeback looked to dwindle, Brothers’ resilience, consistent pressure and impressive run-downs would see Swans fumble through the start of the game’s second-half.

Riley Reid, Connor West and Hezekiah Fletcher all doing their own part to ensure the opposition felt the brutal sting of seeing out a quarter without adding to the scoreboard.

A final quarter delivered what could only be described as a textbook performance by the reigning premiers, the fired up squad – opening up to a nearly 120 point margin – proving why last season saw them undefeated.

Unfortunately, it all looked to be too much for the Roos – even after a first and final goal from Riley Reid – with the side suffering a 15 – 134 point loss at the final siren.

AFL CAPRICORNIA: Brothers' Luke Rumpf and Yeppoon Swans' Samuel Nicholls
AFL CAPRICORNIA: Brothers' Luke Rumpf and Yeppoon Swans' Samuel Nicholls

“The guy with the big red beard, he just kills every contest and that’s all we ask of him to do – bring the ball to ground, kill the contest and let our runners take it out and he did it perfectly today,” Coach Wallin said.

Despite the loss Brothers coach Michael Rose was quick to celebrate the side’s efforts, saying it was one of their best outcomes against the Swans in around five years.

“[I’m] very happy with the effort, especially in the third quarter to keep them goalless.”

“Unfortunately, they showed their fitness and class and blew out in the lead in the last quarter, piling on pretty much the same amount of points they score in the first three quarters.

Mr Rose added his delight at ruckman Hezekiah Fletcher’s sharp skills which saw the defeat of the opposing and high-flying Jamie Garner.

The defeat sees Brothers dip to fourth position on the ladder, while Swans sit at the all too familiar top position.

Weekend Results

  • Brothers Kangaroos 2.3-15 – 19.20-134 Yeppoon Swans
  • BITS Saints 8.8-56 – 13.2-80 Rockhampton Panthers
  • Gladstone Suns 3.2-20 – 17.19-121 Glenmore Bulls


1. Yeppoon Swans

2. Rockhampton Panthers

3. Glenmore Bulls

4. Brothers Kangaroos

5. BITS Saints

6. Gladstone Suns