CQ HOCKEY LEAGUE A1: Frenchville Rovers' Dale Barrett-Lennard
CQ HOCKEY LEAGUE A1: Frenchville Rovers' Dale Barrett-Lennard Jann Houley

Rovers apply the pressure to Brothers with best goal of year

HOCKEY: IT WAS coming down to the final moments on Saturday night, when in the penalty corner, Frenchville Rovers' Jarrod Bass swiped a drag flick, and cleared the ball into the top of the net.

Showing "great skill” in one of the best goals of the year for the team, Rovers cruised comfortably to full time with a 3-0 victory over Park Avenue Brothers in week 14 of the CQ Hockey League.

Rovers coach Lisa Morgan said her team had created another 10 to 15 real chances on shot in goals.

"The passing and connections were really good,” she said.

"I was really pleased with the connections and the creativity that our mid fielder three way striker, Jackson Fraser, showed.

"He put in a nice goal in the second quarter. He scores a lot of goals and is a consistent, key goal scorer.”

Bass contributed two goals for the side in the last quarter.

Morgan credited the team for the comfortable control it had throughout the game with Brothers failing to capitalise on opportunities.

"Park Avenue had a couple of chances and had they put those in, they might have put a little pressure on us,” Morgan said.

"We comfortably held them in this game.”

Morgan said the team's focus on applying pressure to Brothers' defence was crucial in keeping their rivals at bay.

"I thought our press worked really well. Our front strikers put a lot of pressure on their defence and made it difficult for them to easily get out of defence,” she said.

"We didn't allow them to put pressure on our defensive half.

"We try to play a couple of different styles depending on what team we're playing.

"With Park Avenue, we like to put pressure on their defenders and try and get early turn overs.”

Those early turn overs allow the team's striking and mid field line to not only hold their opponents' defensive half, but create more pressure and goal scoring opportunities.

A stand-out was double scorer Bass, who Morgan said was "outstanding”.

"He's had a really good season. I thought he play really well,” Morgan said.

"I was also impressed with Nathan Moffat, a young central defender, who has been really good for us.

"He had a nice early ball and organised the ball nicely.”

Rovers are currently sitting third on the ladder in the local league and fourth place in the extended league.

"We'll definitely make the semi finals for the extended league, and depending on more results, we could bump up to second place in the local,” Morgan said.

"We're definitely improved from last year. We just changed the style a little bit this year and tried a bit more disciple and being more structured when we don't have the ball.

"But also allowing more fluidity when we do have the ball.

"We have natural goal scorers in our attacking players, so we're finding a happy medium has allowed us to be more consistent this year.”

Next week, Rovers head to Gladstone to play the Meteors.

"It will be a tough game,” Morgan said.

"They're sitting second on the extended league ladder so we'll have to be playing our best to beat them.”