HEATING UP: Where fires burnt across the Central Region yesterday.
HEATING UP: Where fires burnt across the Central Region yesterday.

Rural firefighters brace for a looming danger period

BRIAN Smith is preparing for a dangerous fire season as the mercury rises after months without decent rain in the Rockhampton region.

The regional manager for the Rural Fire Service Queensland said very little soil moisture and dry leaf litter made for dangerous conditions.

"Unless we get significant rain, that risk will increase," Mr Smith said.

Yesterday, four fires were burning in Central Region including one at Alton Downs which is believed to have been caused by sparks from a power transformer.

Central Region stretches from Lowmead in the south, to Proserpine in the north and west to the Northern Territory and South Australian border.

A Queensland Fire and Rescue media spokesperson said on Saturday, when temperatures peaked across the state, there were 114 fires burning.

During these extreme heat events, Mr Smith said it was crucial to monitor the health of RFS members on the fire front who were at risk of dehydration and heat stress.

Mr Smith urged people to make a bushfire survival plan and be ready to use it.

He said leading into summer, people also needed to limit their use of fires and be mindful not to drop cigarette butts and use power tools which could produce sparks outside.

Rockhampton is expected to reach a top of 35 degrees tomorrow, with a chance of thunderstorms, possibly severe.