Bride gets horror ‘accidental’ text.
Bride gets horror ‘accidental’ text.

RUSH HOUR: Bride gets horror ‘accidental’ text

Bride gets horror 'accidental' text

A woman was left in shock after receiving a seriously awkward text from her future mother-in-law that was obviously meant for someone else.

Reddit user Bamboo2u took to the site to ask for advice after her fiance's mum accidentally sent her a text "talking sh*t" about her own mum after they spent the day looking for a wedding dress together.

The woman said at lunch her mum suggested she keep her maiden name for work but take her husband's name in all other areas of her life. Her mother-in-law agreed as she does the same thing for her work.

She said the day was special and everyone seemed to get along.

"So later that night after we all parted ways, I get a text message that was 'accidentally' sent to me. It was from my fiance mother. I made the mistake of reading it from my car with my fiance in the car," the woman wrote.

"The text said the whole day was a sh*t show and that my mum advised me to not take my fiance's name for career reasons."

She said she was "hurt and pissed" that her fiance's mum would be spreading lies about her mum and was worried that she was talking ill of her to the rest of the family.

She added that she has also refused to apologise and wouldn't even look at her the last time she saw her.

Most Reddit users agreed that the mother-in-law was out of line, with one suggesting that she shouldn't get to be involved in any more of the wedding planning.

"I think it's hypocritical that she is passing judgment on your mum for the very thing she does," another said.

The woman was left shocked at the rude message. Picture: Reddit
The woman was left shocked at the rude message. Picture: Reddit