Yep, those are real tattoos. Picture: Facebook
Yep, those are real tattoos. Picture: Facebook

RUSH HOUR: Creepy mugshot goes viral

A woman's mugshot has gained a lot of attention, leaving people horrified due to a very disturbing tattoo covering her face.

Alyssa Zebrasky was arrested after allegedly being caught shoplifting at a Walmart in Ohio.

Police also allegedly found methamphetamine and a needle in the 27-year-old possession.

But it isn't the reason for her arrest that has drawn people's attention, it's her strange mugshot.

Zebrasky has a skull tattoo covering the majority of her face, which appears to be reference to Mexico's Day of the Dead.

Social media users were quick to poke fun at the unsettling tattoo.

"Does she have any identifying characteristics," one person jokingly asked.

"It appears she owed her twelve year old tattoo artist some money," one said.

Another added: "Why didn't she blend into the crowd?"

Yep, those are real tattoos. Picture: Facebook
Yep, those are real tattoos. Picture: Facebook



Renewed pill testing call after rave death

Another Sydney music festival death has renewed calls for pill testing at major events but the NSW premier is standing firm against the measure.

A 19-year-old man died in Concord Hospital early on Sunday while two women, aged 19 and 25, and a man are in critical but stable conditions at Westmead Hospital after suspected drug overdoses at the Knockout Games of Destiny dance party at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday night.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell said it was another "senseless" death and pleaded with young people who he says aren't getting the message about drugs.

Police officers at the festival issued 69 banning notices and conducted more than 200 searches, with 62 people found in possession of drugs including one woman who was found with nearly 400 tablets internally concealed.

Police charged several people, including a 25-year-old man who was allegedly found with 145 MDMA capsules in his possession.

Earlier this year, two people died after overdosing at Sydney music festival Defqon. 1, prompting the creation of an expert panel to advise the NSW government on drug-related deaths at festivals.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Sunday said she was beside herself that young people weren't getting the message.

Asked if it was time to reconsider the government's position on pill testing, Ms Berejiklian said no because it could give people a "green light" to taking substances.