Sailor gets lost at sea - again

AFTER drifting on the Atlantic Ocean for 16 days, Samuel Moss Jr has attributed his survival to eating corn chips and cookies.

The 23-year-old set sail from the Bahamas island chain of Bimini to Nassau, also in the Bahamas, on January 13 in a new 6m angler, but quickly ran out of fuel as he tried to sail through rough waves.

He drifted until another boater spotted Mr Moss's boat taking on water about 16km off West Palm Beach, Florida.

"He was found in completely the opposite direction from where he was going,” Chris Lloyd, operations manager at the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association, told the Sun Sentinel.

Mr Moss said he survived on his supplies for 12 days, until a 12m wave wiped them out.

He hoisted a makeshift sail and used his anchor to steer.

A year ago, Mr Moss was stranded for three days in the waters off Grand Bahama before being found.

Dr Kevin Buford, of the St Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, said Mr Moss's electrolytes were dangerously low when the US Coast Guard flew him ashore.

- Samuel Osborne, The Independent