Bill Ludwig
Bill Ludwig

Salary to attract candidates to new Livingstone council

BILL Ludwig reckons the approved remuneration for the soon-to-be formed Livingstone local government will attract quality candidates keen for the challenge of the part-time councillor roles.

The Rockhampton regional councillor and one of the champions of the de-amalgamation yesterday said the Local Government Remuneration and Discipline Tribunal had got the new council's classification where he thought it would be.

If Cr Ludwig secures the mayoral role he will pick up an annual pay of $112,462 while the deputy will earn $70,289 and councillors $59,746.

He said importantly the pay scale, which is the same rate as Noosa's, was in line with community expectations.

Cr Ludwig said the former Livingstone Shire Council he led before the forced mergers in 2008 was able to operate successfully with a full-time mayor and part-time councillors.

He said the challenge was setting up meeting schedules that enabled councillors and the workforce to fulfil their roles.

More than 20 people, including recognised businessman, had shown their interest in being part of the new council.

"Most people who put their hand up for council do so not for remuneration but to contribute and make a difference," Cr Ludwig said.

Meanwhile, the pay scale will stay the same for those councillors who remain with Rockhampton Regional Council, with these to be reviewed before the next election which will be 2016.

Pay time for councils

Rockhampton Regional Council:

$154,636 for the mayor, $1-5,434 for the deputy and $91,376 for councillors

Livingstone Shire Council: $112,462 for the mayor, while the deputy will earn $70,289 and councillors $59,746.

New council

All eyes are now on Local Government Minister David Crisafulli to announce the election date for the new council, which will start operating from January 1.