Samantha Armytage admits to smoking pot

Sam Armytage: ‘I’m going to cry’

SUNRISE host Samantha Armytage has confessed to smoking pot and stealing during a lie detector segment, which aired this morning.

Newsreader Natalie Barr, Armytage and David "Kochie" Koch all sat down in an exposing test where each were asked about cheating, drugs and theft.

Armytage was off to a bad start when she was asked, "Was there any member of the Sunrise team that you don't like?" in which she answered "No" - the answer was examined as "false."

"Yes I have!" she responded when asked whether she had ever smoked pot.

"Not much though. Maybe a bit at uni."

An emotional Armytage said "I feel like I'm going to cry" when she confessed to stealing in the past.

Sam gets hooked up to the lie detector test.
Sam gets hooked up to the lie detector test.

"Once when I was maybe eight, I stole a packet of fake finger nails from Grace Brothers in Cooma. Long red ones that stick on," she said.

"Mum looked into the back seat of the car and saw them and turned the car around and made me go back in and apologise and that is the only thing that I have ever stolen in my life."

The 41-year-old also admitted she had "gossiped" about her colleagues during the gruelling segment.

Kochie answers the questions over cheating and smoking pot.
Kochie answers the questions over cheating and smoking pot.

Kochie and Barr, who also both confessed to smoking pot, said they had never cheated on their partners and that they did not have a favourite child - their answers were truthful.

When asked whether they "felt they were the biggest star of the show," all Sunrise stars answered "no" - all of their answers were "false."

Natalie Barr gets grilled during the test.
Natalie Barr gets grilled during the test.

They also all admitted they "spent their time talking crap."

"That's not a reflection on me, I'm paid to do a job," Armytage responded.

While Channel 9's Today had been dealing with the fallout of Lisa Wilkinson's shock departure, Channel Seven had successfully negotiated contracts with Sunrise's key players recently.

Sunrise recently won the 2017 ratings year for breakfast, giving the talent more bargaining power, and leaving Seven keen to keep the team together.

Armytage is believed to be under contract and Confidential can only assume that she will be seeking pay parity with Kochie when her time for negotiations come around.

A Channel 7 spokeswoman said at the time that the network would not comment.