Sam Frost ready for Summer Bay debut

Sam Frost joins Home & Away: Sam talks about her first foray into acting.
Sam Frost joins Home & Away: Sam talks about her first foray into acting.

SAM Frost hopes her Home and Away character will be embraced by fans.

The Bachelorette turned actor makes her Summer Bay debut this week as Jasmine Delaney, the driver of the other car in the crash that kills off Pia Miller's Kat Chapman.

"Jasmine enters the Bay in tremendous style in a car accident. I'm in a coma for a while (as Jasmine), which was good because I got to learn how the set works and get to know the people who are working around me... plus I'm really good at sleeping," she laughs.

"Jasmine is quite a troubled soul. When people first meet her she's quite anxious and paranoid and you find out why she's holding this very big secret.

"Once she finds her feet a little bit everyone will love Jasmine."

Sam Frost joins the cast of Home and Away as Jasmine.
Sam Frost joins the cast of Home and Away as Jasmine. Channel 7

Ms Frost spent months training with acting coaches to prepare for her role on Channel 7's long-running soap. While she's no stranger to the camera after appearing on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Frost faced a steep learning curve to be Summer Bay ready.

"I'm just trying to put positive vibes out there because I'm quite nervous, but the cast and my colleagues are really excited for me," she says. 

"I feel really lucky because the Home and Away family have been so warm and welcoming and incredibly supportive. I don't know how I would have got through the first few weeks without them.

"I've just become fascinated with acting. It's such a fine art and there are so many different elements to it. I'm excited to learn; I'm loving it."

The news of Ms Frost's casting was met with mixed reactions and her co-star Ada Nicodemou jumping to her defence. The Home and Away veteran described her as a 'natural actor'.

"I didn't really use the criticism I received when I first got the role as fuel or ammo," Ms Frost says.

"I decided to just ignore it and concentrate on working hard, fine tuning my skills, learning new things and working closely with my acting coach and cast members. I just tried to block it out. I think that's the best way to go.

"I grew up watching Home and Away. It's such an iconic show and to be part of it is such an honour. My favourites were Isla Fisher and Dieter Brummer, who was such a babe back in the day. It's nice to be part of the family."

And what does she think about donning a bikini for those iconic beach shots overseas viewers love so much?

"Jasmine is a bit of a beach babe... but it's Summer Bay. What do you expect? You just have to pop that bikini on and put on a brave face," she says.

Home and Away airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7.