SAMSUNG'S new 5G phone is not only its fastest on Netflix movie downloads - by a country mile - but also its best shooter.

The newest feature to come to smartphones is bokeh or blurred background video - and it's something to behold.

But like the early iterations of portrait or live mode, it's not perfect, and in the wrong setting or location can look more like someone has put vaseline on the edge of the lens rather than what you would see out of a high end video camera.

Live Focus Video works by focusing on something close at hand - you need to keep it within 1 to 1.5 metres - and then watch as everything behind that is blurred. It's a great feature for shooting a person or object up close - but it can struggle a little when you are on the move, as you would expect.

But like Live Focus or Portrait mode in an iPhone, it adds a new level of creativity to your video making.

The S10 5G comes with six different cameras - including a beautiful 16MP ultra wide angle lens - which works exceptionally well - especially when you are trying to pull in all the beauty of the beach or a rainforest setting. It's also great when you are trying to shoot a large group of people in a very tight spot, as we found at a friend's birthday party.

WIDE VIEW: The Samsung S10 5G phone has one of the best wide angle cameras around.
WIDE VIEW: The Samsung S10 5G phone has one of the best wide angle cameras around. Mark Furler

Looking back at what you have captured on the edge-to-edge 6.7 inch screen shows off the colours spectacularly. Photos and videos can be a little too colourful, but in my view vivid is better than dull.

The Samsung S10 5G is being promoted as a phone for the future, and it certainly is given many areas of regional Australia don't have 5G yet.

Telstra says 5G, which is already in regional centres like the Gold Coast and Toowoomba, and in our cities, is being rolled out rapidly.

Over the next 12 months, the telco expects its 5G coverage to increase in area almost five-fold and reach into at least 35 Australian areas.

BACKGROUND: You can do some pretty clever effects with Live Focus Photos.
BACKGROUND: You can do some pretty clever effects with Live Focus Photos. Mark Furler

5G not only promises to revolutionise our entertainment and gaming, it promises a bright new future for everything for high tech medicine to driverless cars. But how close is reality to the hype?

We took 5G for a road test on the Gold Coast, a region famous for sun, surf, sex, and bikies - to find its 'G spot'.

The first thing we noticed is how incredibly speeds varied.

As Samsung and Telstra point out, this is very new technology in Australia, so the network is being fine-tuned and upgraded as we speak.

Telstra says 5G will be at least twice as fast as 4G but in some areas a whole lot faster.

When Samsung put the S10 5G to the test in Sydney, it reached more than 1200 megabits per seconds for downloads and an 64Mbps upload speed.

On the Gold Coast, our test rated the speed as "very fast", saying: "Your internet connection should be able to handle multiple devices streaming HD videos, video conferencing and gaming at the same time."

We downloaded movies from Netflix, including American Assassin (514MB) John Wick: Chapter 2 (580MB), Extraction (395MB), Parker (561MB) and Land of the Lost (522MG). Times varied from around 45 seconds to over one minute.

Some of the fastest speeds we recorded were near the Gold Coast University Hospital. One speed recorded more than 310 Mbps download. At Southport South, our testing came up with 422Mbps and 59.3Mbps upload.


Samsung S10 5G Live Focus Video test:
Samsung S10 5G Live Focus Video test:

Telstra says typical download speeds for 4GX vary considerably. They range from 5-300Mbps using the latest category 16 devices.

As well as Live Focus Video and Live Focus Photos, the Samsung S10 5G also has a clever Quick Measure app to accurately measure objects' size.

That technology alone will see Samsung devices being used more and more for augmented reality whether in gaming or business demos.

The phone comes with a high-capacity 4,500mAh battery, as well as support for super fast Charging of 25W.

It comes with with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of baseline storage.

As a phone, there's not much to not like about it.