BIG HEART: Jessica Miller didn't hesitate to take home abandoned kittens.
BIG HEART: Jessica Miller didn't hesitate to take home abandoned kittens. Bianca Hrovat

Scared kittens saved from roadside dump

WARWICK mother-of-three Jessica Miller did not expect to receive two kittens for Mother's Day, but when she found them abandoned by the side of the road in Allora, she couldn't say no.

"I jumped out of the car and as soon as I called them they came straight to me," she said.

"We were exhausted but we just couldn't just leave them there."

The kittens are part of an alarming number of animals abandoned across the Southern Downs in recent weeks.

President of Warwick animal rescue group Southern Downs Ark, Ann Simon, said she was overwhelmed by the increase in dumped litters.

"It's putting a terrible strain on Ark's foster carers," she said.

The kittens were scared, hungry and covered in dirt so Mrs Miller guessed they'd been alone for at least a couple of days.

"I just don't understand how anyone could leave them," she said.

The Warwick community sent numerous offers of help to Mrs Miller and her family after she made a public appeal to find the owners.

"I was hoping that maybe someone loved them," she said.

"But apparently they're abandoned a lot along that road."

Mrs Simon said desexing was important to curb the increase in unwanted kittens.

"I don't know if country people are less inclined to desex their animals," she said.

"But it's horrific the amount of unwanted animals in such a small town."

Mrs Miller said the cost of the surgery may prevent some residents from desexing their pets.

"But if you're going to have an animal, you can't expect not to pay for medical stuff," she said.

For now, the family are happy to help shelter the kittens until they find a loving home.

"It's like having more children," she said.

"We're just a family of animal lovers."

For information on fostering visit the Southern Downs Ark Facebook page.