Scott Morrison was Treasurer when he was last in Rockhampton in May this year.
Scott Morrison was Treasurer when he was last in Rockhampton in May this year. Chris Ison ROK160518cmorrison2

ScoMo in Rocky today but what's on the bus for us?

PRIME Minister Scott Morrison arrives on the "ScoMo bus" into Rockhampton this afternoon and speculation is there could be a funding announcement for Rockhampton's billion dollar ring road.

Capricornia MP Michelle Landry will take the Prime Minister on a tour of local projects and yesterday said the ring road, with a third bridge for Rockhampton, was the most critical infrastructure needed in the region.

"This is something I've been pushing hard on," Ms Landry said.

"It's going to be important for the security of the city to have that third bridge ... to get heavy vehicles out of the town.

"It's also very important for continued growth of the area."

The Rockhampton Ring Road would run from the Yeppen Roundabout, along the western side of the airport to a third bridge crossing before reconnecting with the existing Bruce Highway at Parkhurst.

Once constructed, it would remove 3000 heavy vehicles every day from the centre of Rockhampton.



Rockhampton Ring Road
Rockhampton Ring Road Contributed

Ms Landry said the airport would build on the access, particularly with increased agricultural production from Rookwood Weir which she hoped to see started early next year.

"Rookwood is going to be extremely important for agriculture in this area," she said.

"(Rockhampton) mayor talked the other day about the international status of the airport, that we need more tourism to make that feasible, but if we have agriculture exports as part of that, that would have a significant impact on getting the airport up and going as an international airport."

Ms Landry said she and Federal colleagues from Queensland had also been discussing continued upgrades to the Bruce Highway with the Prime Minister.

"We need more passing lanes between Rockhampton and Mackay," she said.

"And we need to see continued growth of the military sector; that's important.

"I'd like to see a permanent battalion based in the city."

Mr Morrison will meet with invited community organisations tonight before embarking on a tour of Rockhampton tomorrow.

However, the ScoMo Bus has been labelled a "cheap marketing trick" by the ALP candidate for Capricornia, Russell Robertson.

He said Scott Morrison had visited Rockhampton once since entering parliament in contrast to Federal opposition leader Bill Shorten who has been in the city seven times since the last election, including three town hall meetings.

"Bill Shorten is up here all the time ...and actually listening to what Rocky locals are saying," Mr Robertson said.

"It's why we've committed to the Rockhampton Levee, the Rockhampton Ring Road and the Rookwood Weir, because we want long-term, job creating infrastructure projects that improve the lives of locals."