Scotty’s Fishing Friday: Winter species fire up!

The cooler weather has turned on many of the winter species.

Large bream have been hitting the rock walls, rock bars and oyster banks in the estuary mouths and bays.

They respond well to slow release berley. Just on daylight and dark are the best bite periods although they can be prompted with well placed lures or baits during the day or night.

Prawns, small live baits, flesh strips, pippies, yabbies and mullet gut are all taking fish.

Plastics and small hard bodies are also working fairly well, when you get the speed and action right. In the cleaner systems like Corio the lure boys are sight casting the schools as they move over the flats and along the mangrove stands.

Ash Green scored another top trout at The Keppels
Ash Green scored another top trout at The Keppels

Numbers of whiting continue to improve as some quite decent captures were reported from Long Beach at Joskeleigh and the sandbanks in the mouths of Coorooman Creek and Corio Bay.

I like to fish the rising tide with yabbies, beach worms or peeled prawns.

Nearly all the local beaches from the river north to army country all hold whiting.

Don’t be afraid to fish the very shallow water within a few metres of where you are standing. Whiting follow the water in and work the area freshly covered with the tide.

There is a good chance of picking up a few big dart at the same time, especially fishing the beaches north of Yeppoon.

Flathead have come on in reasonable quantities a bit earlier than usual.

Reports from all of our local systems have been growing of late.

Dan Baker with a fine local trout.
Dan Baker with a fine local trout.

The better fish seem to be around the drop offs near creek mouths and channel edges.

We often walk the banks over low tide to find where they come up and where they move back down again.

The lies will give you their direction of travel and tell you about when they move through.

There has been a lot of small bait schools in the estuaries and this is dictating the size and colours of lures, for those who prefer them over bait.

Hardyheads, greenback herring and poddy mullet are the most available and are producing quality flatties.

I use the old atomic prongs as my go to flattie lure.

White through to pumpkin seed all work well.

Many of the guys working the banks and shallows have their favourite hard body lures.

The smaller lures are working best at present and the natural type colours are the pick.

Lately whenever we walk the banks there has been a chance of bream, cod or small barra in the same areas we would usually target flatties.

Mark Thompson caught this barra in the Fitzroy River
Mark Thompson caught this barra in the Fitzroy River

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