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Seafood in yard and murder threat leave nasty smell

A MOTHER made her neighbour's life a living hell by leaving seafood in their yard, switching off their power, threatening violence, and telling them she had "already dug a hole for her".

Sandra Reid, 31, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court on September 25 to one count of going armed at night with intent to scare and threaten to damage property, one of threatening to cause bodily harm, one of going armed in public, and one of wilful damage.

Before this set of offending, Reid received a $750 penalty for posting a video on Facebook and tagging a victim.

The court heard Reid made "vulgar threats" towards the victim in the video.

Crown prosecutor Megan Jones said this offending was part of a neighbourhood dispute and each offence occurred on separate nights on September 20, 21 and 22.

She said one night, Reid threatened to burn her neighbour's house down and the next evening she told the victim she had "already dug a hole for her because that's where dogs belong".

Ms Jones said on the third night, the victim came home to find her power had been turned off and Reid came out at her with a metal pole and said "I've been to jail before. I'll go again for your murder."

Reid then smashed the victim's $950 mobile phone.

The court was told that during the offending, Reid and others threw water balloons, rocks and eggs at cars in her neighbour's driveway and left mussels in her neighbour's yards.

Judge Michael Burnett said Reid was setting a bad example for her children.

"The behaviour on those nights and days in question here speaks poorly of you," he said. "Your behaviour was entirely immature and inappropriate."

Barrister Scott Moon said Reid had no intention of carrying out the threats. Her teenage son was holding the pole and she had taken it.

He said Reid was in foster care aged 11 and pregnant at a young age. She remained in a relationship that turned violent with the father of her four children for 11 years.

Reid received 12 months' probation, 80 hours community service and must pay $950 for the phone.