There are 46 new jobs available at council.
There are 46 new jobs available at council. Valerie Horton

Search for spin doctor: Council offers 46 new jobs

THE job of turning around the Fraser Coast's council's battered public image will earn the right person more than $100,000.

This is just one of 46 new roles offered under a council restructure after a scathing organisational review pointed to toxic staff culture and high burn-out risk.

Hiring began quietly in November and is now in full swing with 15 roles including several middle management positions currently advertised.

The role of Marketing and Communications Manager tops the list.

According to the advertisement, the successful applicant will, among other things, oversee the production of all council communications and marketing initiatives, provide advice to council departments and develop media releases and interaction with media outlets.

These tasks are to be conducted "in a proactive manner to positively reflect the image of the council".

A job search reveals the wage for the role ranges between $100,000-120,000.

The Chronicle understands many employees in senior roles were sidelined to make way for the new recruits or sent to different departments.

Fraser Coast Council CEO Ken Diehm said no staff had been terminated under the restructure.

"While there were a number of positions made redundant we chose to redeploy the staff members that were impacted," Mr Diehm said.

Inner-turmoil in council ranks prompted an organisational review by CPEM Consulting Group in 2016.

"The CPEM report recognised that Council was short-staffed, staff were under pressure and at risk of burnout and recommended increasing staff numbers," Mr Diehm said.

"Council is now in the process of recruiting staff to fill vacancies already existing in the organisation and 46 new positions created under the restructure.

"The new positions cover positions from middle management, indoor and outdoor teams."

The restructure was approved last year.

While the council's allocation for wages will sky-rocket, Mr Diehm stressed the bill would not affect the pockets of ratepayers".

He also said the region was on track for a 0% rates increase on the back of a low 1.5% rates increase this financial year."

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