Two-year-old Ruben. Image: Supplied
Two-year-old Ruben. Image: Supplied

Desperate search for missing boy suspended for night

UPDATE 745PM: POLICE have suspended a search at last light this evening for the two-year-old boy missing in remote western Queensland.

Police, SES personnel, rangers and workers from a construction site in Kowanyama were not able to locate the boy during today's search.

Officers will remain at the scene this evening and will start the search again at first light in the morning.

Searches are planned on foot, in vehicles and in the air in two private helicopters, two drones and police divers will also assist.

UPDATE 5PM: EXTRA resources have been flown into an isolated property, as the search for a missing two-year-old boy continues. 

The area is known crocodile territory.

Police, SES personnel and staff from the cattle property, as well as rangers and workers from a construction site in Kowanyama are involved with personnel on foot, in vehicles and in the air in two private helicopters.

Two drones are also being used.

Cape Patrol Inspector Mark Henderson, who travelled to the property, said the search would continue into the night.

"This property is located in remote western Queensland, in the gulf country. The countryside itself is rugged and challenging," Insp. Henderson said. 

"We've brought in additional resources and flown in assets to assist with the search.

"The local community here and in Kowanyama have been great and I'd like to thank everyone for their on-going efforts in trying to find this little boy."

INITIAL: A SEARCH is underway for a two-year-old boy who went missing on an isolated cattle station in rural Queensland yesterday afternoon.

Ruben is a very fun and outgoing little boy with a very sarcastic sense of humour," his mother told 7NEWS.

"He's very gentle and always loves to do hands-on things. He loves his cars, trucks and anything with wheels on them."

The boy was last seen at about 5pm near the station's homestead on a property in Maramie, around 100km east of Kowanyama.

When the boy's family realised he was missing they and the cattle station employees launched a search of the immediate area.

Police were notified on Tuesday evening after the boy couldn't be found.

Kowanyama police attended the property last night and participated in further searches for the boy.

He was unable to be located before dark.

An aerial search began at first light this morning for the two-year-old who was last seen near the homestead of Koolatah Station east of Kowanyama.

Cape York police Insp Mark Henderson is flying to the 1700 sqkm property from Cairns this morning with a group of SES and said more would set off by road from the Tablelands.

They will join the boy's family, station employees and neighbours who searched throughout the night.

"There are currently a number of aerial assets over the property. A lot of these are helicopters belonging to locals who have volunteered their time," Insp Henderson said.

"(Police) have been going all night doing everything they can.

"All the family and other property owners have been up all night."

In an advertisement for the property lease several years ago it was described as having a number of large waterways including Koolatah Lake, waterholes, channels, lagoons and semi- permanent swamps, along with a 30km Mitchell River frontage and 50km Alice River frontage.

The area is known crocodile territory.

The temperature in nearby Kowanyama dipped to about 17 degrees overnight.

The station has its own airstrip, allowing emergency services to fly their direct.