Secret health payroll documents released

THE former Bligh government feared suing IBM over the Queensland Health payroll woes, citing "poor or inadequate project record keeping" and the IT giant's ability to highlight problems with the state's management of the project.

Previously secret cabinet documents provide an insight into the dispute that escalated between IBM and the former Labor government after the new health payroll system was switched live in 2010 and failed to pay employees correctly.

The debacle ended up costing hundreds of millions of dollars to fix.

The 18 lengthy documents - released by Labor Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk on Wednesday following intense political pressure from the Newman government - will take time to examine.

However, one document, dated July 22, 2010, shows how the Bligh government's Cabinet Budget Review Committee decided it would be best to try to negotiate a settlement with IBM amid ongoing problems with the new system several months after it went live.

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