Yaroomba Beach project director Evan Aldridge addresses media after the Sekisui House project was approved by Sunshine Coast Council.
Yaroomba Beach project director Evan Aldridge addresses media after the Sekisui House project was approved by Sunshine Coast Council. John McCutcheon

Sekisui boss says development benefits will be proven

YAROOMBA Beach project director Evan Aldridge says the benefits of his company's controversial hotel and residential development will be proved when it is delivered.

Mr Aldridge has worked on gaining approval for Sekisui House's development for five years.

He said the outcome of yesterday's six-in-favour, five-against Sunshine Coast Council vote was exciting.

"It's always been a highly-energised debate," Mr Aldridge said.

"People have their different views but at the end of the day the application was assessed on its merits."

He said Sekisui House would defend the approval against any court challenge.

"We look forward to progressing with planning on this development now so we can actually get the first stage up and running, which will be the Westin Resort and Spa."

Mr Aldridge said any delay on the project would push back the delivery of the resort as well as the jobs it would create.

"We've already forecast that we would like to open the resort in 2021.

"That means that we would have to start next year in terms of construction so we haven't been complacent at all.

"We have been waiting for the decision to come down so we have got a mountain of work to get done to hit those timeframes so we would hope that there isn't further delays on that.

His message to those residents devastated by the approval was misconceptions some people may have had would be shown to be just that.

"You won't be able to see it (the development) from the beach and you won't be able to see it from Point Arkwright and we will develop and absolutely beautiful landscape village that everybody can come and enjoy.

"That's on top of the fact that we will really give a good boost to both the tourism investment on the Sunshine Coast and create a lot of jobs for locals."

He said the Westin Resort and Spa would have a strong focus on attracting conferences and events.

"We want to bring them back to the Coast.

"They currently don't look at the Sunshine Coast for those medium-sized events."

He said Sekisui House would keep the community updated on progress at the site.

"We've always had a very strong principle of making sure that our communication out to the community is informative and up-to-date in terms of the status so we will continue to do that.

"Plus we've always had a strong focus on making sure that there is local participation from local businesses and trades.

"Part of that process is actually making sure that they're informed about what works and possibilities and opportunities are coming up for them."