ON DUTY: Communications super
ON DUTY: Communications super Allan Reinikka Rokapolice

Sergeant always ready to send help to victims

DOMESTIC violence and alcohol- fuelled abuse are the top two reasons Sergeant Mark Gawronski's phone rings.

He is always at the ready to send police crews to the scene, as soon as he picks up his phone.

Sgt Gawronski is the communications supervisor at the Rockhampton police station and deals with life-changing calls daily.

From the communications room, Sgt Gawronski can assist police crews to get to a scene or help someone in trouble, and receives 000 calls from the public.

He said that Friday and Saturday nights were their busiest and alcohol-fuelled violence was the reason behind a lot of their calls.

It's the cameras in the CBD that help him track down victims and send help crews directly to their specific location.

Sgt Gawronski said that if callers on the 000 number told police their whereabouts, they could track victims through their CCTV cameras and lead them to safety.

Sgt Gawronski has been in this role for two years and says he loves the job and helping those in need.