SES attended over 60 jobs in region over weekend

WITH Yeppoon reporting 360mm of rain from 9am Friday to midday Sunday, and Rockhampton receiving 222mm in the same period, the SES were called to everything, sandbagging to installing tarps.

SES Rockhampton Coordinator Eddie Cowie said the service attended over 60 jobs across Livingstone and Rockhampton on the weekend.

"The big issue for us is the people who are isolated due to floodwaters, and a lot of those people are isolated in motor vehicles," he said.

"At this time we are monitoring a number of different situations.

"There are certainly people who are isolated on roadways as well, so they are in-between a number of creeks and they are caught in areas where there are no provisions there for them.

"Until the floodwaters drop down, they are basically isolated."

Mr Cowie said a number of people had also been isolated at Water Park Creek and Stanage Bay Rd.

He said the rain easing on Sunday allowed the service to play catch-up on jobs they couldn't complete in heavy rain.

"We have had requests for trees down, minor structural damage, tarping roofs due to poor maintenance, pieces of iron removed from homes due to the wind and requests for sandbagging of homes that were being inundated with floodwater," Mr Cowie said.

"As the rain eases it... alleviates those jobs for sandbagging but it also allows us to get in there and put some tarps on roofs... we will continue to be busy.

"Our biggest issue was that we weren't able to get in and do jobs at height because of the risk of the wind.

"We have put water diversion at place in the house so we put a tarp in someone's living room and divert it through the house, through doorways or windows.

"It is also a common practice during cyclones. Because a lot of the time there's no roof to tarp."

SES reminder

Before a flood:

  • You should prepare an emergency plan and an emergency kit in advance.
  • Keep drains clear of debris; sweep up fallen street tree leaves.
  • Ensure your pets are safe by including them in your emergency plan.