Jackson Tyler Coyle, 25 of the Sunshine Coast, followed two young boys on their bicycles, lured them to a sewer drain and propositioned them for a sexual act.
Jackson Tyler Coyle, 25 of the Sunshine Coast, followed two young boys on their bicycles, lured them to a sewer drain and propositioned them for a sexual act.

Sexual ‘deviant’ who lured boys released despite ‘risk’

A PREDATOR struck up a game of "truth or dare" to lure two young boys from a Sunshine Coast lake to a sewer drain where he offered them $5 each for a "blow job".

Police had raided Jackson Tyler Coyle's laptop months earlier and uncovered 228 vile videos and 70 images of children as young as one being sexually abused.

Coyle, aged 25 of Buderim, pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court today to possessing child exploitation material on January 19 last year and to two counts of grooming children under 12 with intent to procure them for a sexual act on November 16 last year.

Crown prosecutor Katherine Milbourne told the court the boys declined Coyle's disgusting proposition and rode off in separate directions.

Coyle rode after the youngest and loitered outside his home.

When police questioned Coyle days later, he said he saw the boys "riding around the neighbourhood and he just wanted to be near them so bad".

Judge Michael Rackemann condemned Coyle for acting on his "deviant sexual urges".

He described the child exploitation material in Coyle's possession as "vile" and said it included disturbing footage of young boys being penetrated.

"The majority of material concerned boys in the age bracket of 5-10 years, although there were some images of boy in the 1-5 year age bracket," he said.

Judge Rackemann said Coyle distributed it to others in exchange for access to an electronic cloud containing more footage.

Mr Rackemann said if Coyle walked out of prison today in his current state, "there's a real risk of reoffending" and a report tendered to court said his psychological rehabilitation would be difficult.

Defence barrister Lily Brisick told the court her client had been in custody for about 10 months and could serve a community sentence with intervention to address his "deviant arousal patterns".

She said the grooming was "opportunistic" and he was not seeking out young children.

Judge Rackemann acknowledged Coyle did not restrain them or prevent them leaving the scene of the crime.

Coyle's criminal history did not include any like offences.

Judge Rackemann said Coyle's sentence was difficult as he had shown a genuine openness to treatment to deal with his problems and presented.

"On the other hand you have not progressed very far upon your road to rehabilitation and you still, in my view, present a risk to the community," he said.

He said that the time served was sufficient for the charges, and setting a parole eligibility date could see him serve too much time in custody.

For the grooming charges, Coyle was sentenced to two years' jail, to be served concurrently, suspended after the 305 days already served for an operational period of five years.

A conviction was recorded for possessing child exploitation material and Coyle was sentenced to three years' probation on special conditions.

He must submit to medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment as directed, adhere to any evening curfew as directed, submit to regular and random urine analysis, have no unsupervised contact with any child under 16 years old, he not attend unsupervised any specified place frequented by children, upon request provide access to any internet connected devices used and reside at an approved location.