Alleged stolen car at the end if its journey in Woorabinda
Alleged stolen car at the end if its journey in Woorabinda 7 News Central Queensland

SHOCKING: Several kids involved in 'atrocious' crime spree

AN EIGHT hour, 370km long juvenile crime spree came to an end this morning with the arrest of a 12-year-old boy at Woorabinda.

At around 10:15pm Thursday evening, police received a report of a stolen ute at Blackwater, what followed was a marathon crime spree that Acting Detective Inspector Paul Elliot could only describe as "atrocious".

The car load of between five and seven offenders, believed to be between 12 and 17-years-old, committed at least two break and enters before ending their rampage in Woorabinda at around 6:30am this morning.

Shorty after the initial report of the stolen vehicle in Blackwater a break and enter was reported at the Bluff Hotel, just 20 minutes out of Blackwater, where it is believed alcohol was stolen.

After some hours on the road, police received a report of a break and enter at the Parkhurst Hotel where it is alleged more liquor was stolen, the break and enter was later linked to the same group of offenders.

Passing through Rockhampton city for a second time, the group made their way to Woorabinda where the alleged crime spree ended at around 6:30am.

Police said they only received two reports from the public regarding the dangerous driving - one in Bluff and another in Woorabinda.

However, they attributed it to the late hours in which the events occurred.

Act det inspector Elliot said the "manner of driving was terrible".

He said up to six other people involved, including the driver, were still at large and would most likely face charges related to break and entry, unlawful use of a vehicle and other driving offences.

He said some of the reported behaviour, including "screeching tyres", and the jumping of curbs, was appalling to see after a horror week on local roads.

Footage circulated early this morning on social media of the car in question terrorising Woorabinda streets, however the video was soon removed.

Police said they did not chase the offenders while in the vehicle.