Shopper warns of dodgy carpark salesmen

TOOWOOMBA woman Anne Turner is warning buyers to beware after coming across men selling stereo equipment in a shopping centre car park.

Reports of men in a white van trying to sell entertainment systems have been posted to a crime alerts social media page by people concerned by the men's behaviour.

Ms Turner said she and a friend were trying to leave the Aldi supermarket carpark near Clifford Gardens on Thursday when she came across the salesmen.

She said the men appeared to be talking to a potential customer, but their van had blocked her car in.

"They were behind us and they wouldn't move," Ms Turner said.

"They were so intent on selling something that despite lots of beeps, they wouldn't move."

She said she called police and was directed to call a consumer affairs organisation.

"My real concern was they were fairly aggressive and I was worried about the elderly and women on their own."

Comments posted to Toowoomba Crime Alerts and Discussions' Facebook page also detailed sightings of men selling equipment from the back of a white van.

Locations included the Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre car park as well as Bunnings.

Anyone with concerns can contact the Office of Fair Trading on 137 468.