Rocky Super Fair, Eilysh, Luca, Mackenzie, Caylen, Bella, Lily, Brooke, Yasmine, Alice and Taylor.
Rocky Super Fair, Eilysh, Luca, Mackenzie, Caylen, Bella, Lily, Brooke, Yasmine, Alice and Taylor. Allan Reinikka ROK140618asuperfa

Show organisers to re-unite events for 2019

ORGANISERS of the Rockhampton Show and Showman's Guild of Australia have vowed to work together to ensure there is no repeat of the disharmony that led to two rival shows this year.

Event organisers say they will be sitting down for negotiations and hopefully rejoining as one show next year.

Both events declined to provide numbers of showgoers attending the twin events.

The Morning Bulletin headed to both events yesterday to see first-hand how each show was fairing from the bitter split.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of people were seen at Callaghan Park.

The stark division between the rival events was unmistakable.

While young families were attracted to both, it appeared hundreds of teenagers attended the Funtime Festival, while seniors attended the more sedate Agricultural Show.

The Rockhampton Agricultural Show showcased several animal exhibits, including cattle competitions, a reptile show, pig racing and therapy time with miniature goats, as well as arts and crafts, food vendors, and agricultural exhibits.

The Funtime Festival Fantastic at Callaghan Park was a bright and colourful array of all the show's well-known rides for all ages, stalls of win-a-prize games, and monster trucks.

Rockhampton Agricultural Show event organiser Julie Collins said despite the split there were still "good crowd numbers” seen at the showgrounds.

"I wouldn't imagine we'll get the same numbers as last year,” she admitted.

"There's definitely people who only come to the show for the show bags and rides and those people will attend Callaghan Park.

"Negotiations will take place (for rejoining the events next year) and we will talk about the future for us both moving forward.

"I'm hoping for a resolution.”

Funtime Festival Fantastic event organiser Luke Hennessy said he was happy with the large turn-out.

"It seems like our streets are pretty much full,” he said.

"The amount of people down here is incredible.

"Everyone's in a great mood down here and I'm really amazed at the support we've got from Rockhampton people.”

Mr Hennessy also stated that negotiations would soon be taking place with the Rockhampton Show Society about reuniting next year.

"Working with the Rockhampton Show Society is paramount and it was not our intention to run an event at the same time,” he said.

"We'd love to be back at the Rockhampton Show.

"But there's a lot of things to discuss before we can go back there.

"At the moment, we're concentrating about making this event a success for 2018.”