Rainfall Greg Miller

Showers, storms expected to round out week in Capricornia

PARTS of Central Queensland could see up to 40mm on Friday and Saturday.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts a spread of rain along the coast and into the Central Highlands at the end of the week and into the weekend.

However, the falls are expected to be patchy with between 8mm and 30mm along coastal areas and Rockhampton.

But the Central Highlands and southern Capricornia regions could see up to 40mm.


Rain forecast for Friday, October 12.
Rain forecast for Friday, October 12. Bureau of Meteorology

With the rain will come thunderstorms, with a chance of severe storms south of Rockhampton.

Although temperatures will still be in the high 20s, it will remain humid.

Throughout the week there have been showers around Central Queensland, with some good falls recorded inland.

At Goovigen, the bureau recorded 33mm from 9am Tuesday, 19mm at Wowan and 38mm at Wowan Westwood Rd.