IT WAS a $2 bargain at a local garage sale that turned out to be a priceless memory for one Rockhampton family.

Little did Carl Burgoyne know that the old soccer club photo he purchased two weekends ago from underneath someone's house would be a missing piece of family history to Greg Shuker and his relatives.

The photo, taken in 1939, was of the Park Avenue Soccer Club with the Wesley Hall Cup.

Greg Shuker said his father and older brother appeared in the photo.

"My dad, Percy Shuker, is in the photo because he was the captain and my older brother is the little boy who was the mascot," he said.

"My Uncle Stan's brothers are also in the photo and it's just got a lot of meaning to us. I can't believe this came up in a garage sale, you just don't think something like this would come up today, it's amazing.

"It's just good to see a photo that's not going to end up in the dump because unfortunately that's what happens with some of these old pictures."

Greg said he didn't know the photo existed but had heard stories from his dad and brother about the Wesley Hall Cup.

"The Wesley Hall Cup actually used to be in Uncle Stan's lounge room," he said.

"My dad and Uncle Stan polished it with a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean all the black off it. There's just so many memories in that picture.

"It was only through Carl finding it that we found out about it. He's a local and he thought about the history of the soccer clubs and that's how he got onto us, he could have just walked away and left it there."

And all it took was a bit of searching on police software and one phone call to track down the Shuker family.

Carl, a Rockhampton police Sergeant, said he recognised the Shuker name when he saw the photo.

"I picked it up because I'm really into old things," he said.

"I knew everyone would be deceased bar the little boy and I thought he might still be alive but he's deceased unfortunately. I saw the name Shuker and I'm an old Rocky boy so I knew they were synonymous with soccer around town.

"I thought I'd take it to work and get permission to do a few checks. All it took was one phone call to track down the family; it made my day and my week."

The frame will be hung at the Nerimbera Soccer Club, which was started by Percy Shuker.

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