Significant risk of flash flooding with king tides and low

LIVINGSTONE Shire Council has moved to an alert footing as the Capricorn Coast prepares for the combined impact of king tides and a potential cyclone threat from the severe tropical low which is expected to cross the Queensland coast on Friday morning.

Mayor Bill Ludwig, who chairs the Local Disaster Management Group, said that while the alert was a precautionary measure it was important for the community and businesses to make early preparations in case a cyclone forms.

"The current Bureau of Meteorology tracking models show that the Capricorn Coast will be potentially under threat from heavy rain and gale force winds if  the low approaches the coast," Cr Ludwig said.

"When combined with the tides and a potential cyclone developing there is a significant risk of both flash flooding and possible storm surge inundation of low-lying coastal residential areas.

"Residents in low-lying areas are being encouraged to prepare themselves and, if in doubt, to also check the council's storm tide maps to ascertain if their area may be subject to storm-tide inundation.

Residents can check the maps on the council's website:

A king tide is expected to impact the Capricorn Coast on Thursday 19 February at 9.17am. Starting tomorrow, there will likely be heavy rainfall, increased ocean swell due to high tides and on shore winds over the coming days.

Council is establishing sand piles which will be available from this afternoon to allow self-filling of sandbags, don't forget to bring your bags and shovel. Plastic bags can be doubled and used for this purpose, or sandbags can be purchased from local hardware stores.

As a precaution council will be closing one lane of the bluff (along Farnborough Road, Yeppoon) at high tide for the next three days.

Roads will be monitored and Road Condition Advices will be published on the council's website as local roads become impacted. 

Motorists should exercise extreme caution or avoid driving in adverse conditions.

Residents should maintain an awareness of the weather predictions listening to weather reports, accessing information from the Bureau of Meteorology: and by signing up for Council's disaster and news alerts online at

For more information on storm tide evacuation maps or disaster preparation please phone our Customer Service Centre on 4913 5000 or visit council's website

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