Sisters Tilly and Shantel Davis are the faces behind new hairdressers salon Sisters & Co
Sisters Tilly and Shantel Davis are the faces behind new hairdressers salon Sisters & Co Jann Houley

Sisters achieve lifelong dream and open their own business

WHILE some sisters may not get along, these two Davis sisters are the best of friends - so much so they have opened their own hairdressing salon together.

Tilly, 25, and Shantel, 21, Davis are the proud owners and founders of new business Sisters & Co Hair Studio in Berserker.

They launched the business earlier this month - a dream they have had in their sights since they were young.

Tilly has been hairdressing for 10 years and after finishing school five years ago, Shantel also had an interest in hair and beauty and decided to follow in her sister's footsteps.

Working together at a local salon, the two are inseparable best friends - they never argue or fight.

They had toyed with the idea of opening their own salon and one thing led to another and before they knew it they were in the process.

The pair said it was daunting at first to take the leap and open their own salon but it ended up being a lot easier than they thought it would be.

"We're both two sisters with a lot of passion for hair so why not open our own salon,” Tilly said.

"When you walk through the door it's hard to believe it's real,” Shantel said.


  • Shop 1/71 High St, Berserker. Cnr High and Ford Sts
  • Phone 4928 2114
  • Full hair services and facial waxing
  • Welcoming night Saturday April 13 at 5pm

The chance to put their own stamp and mark on their own salon space has been an exciting journey.

"We wanted to make it inviting, a relaxing place where people can enjoy getting their hair done and they can feel comfortable,” Shantel said.

Two weeks into business the sisters have been absolutely blown away at the amount of support they have gained so far.

Not only has it been from their loyal clients from their other salon but it's also been a lot of foot traffic and interest from social media.

They have both been putting in 12 hour shifts each day just to keep up with the demand.

"We already could put on an apprentice and senior hair stylist we are that busy,” Tilly said.

"There is always that worry opening a new business, is it going to float or sink and we have just been overwhelmed and hopefully we can hold our standard.”

For now they are focusing on their day-to-day operations but they do have some behind the scenes plans down the track.

The two specialise in blondes which sees them drowning in peroxide most days but as a whole they offer all hair services and facial waxing.

The sisters also took out the time to say thank you to their family, partners and friends for their help along the way.