Welcome to Rockhampton Bull at Yeppen Round-a-bout.Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Welcome to Rockhampton Bull at Yeppen Round-a-bout.Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin Chris Ison ROK080114cbull3

Six things that make Rocky,'Rocky'

GROWING up or even spending a significant amount of time in Rocky, you start to realise there are some things that are certainly unique to the town.

So what makes Rocky 'Rocky'?

We've compiled a list of some of the unique Rocky traits.

1. Dodging cow poo

If you've spent time in Rocky, you definitely know it's essential to wind your windows up and pray every time you drive past a cattle truck or get stuck beside one at the traffic lights.

Why - you ask? Because there's a 99% chance that at some point your car will get sprayed with cow poo - and you definitely don't want your windows down for that because no amount of air freshener will get rid of the smell.

Also, 'watch your step' takes on an entirely new meaning in Rocky when you're crossing the road by foot. Watch out for cow poo and pee on the road in cattle truck hotspots on Fitzroy St.

2. Bull statues

If you've never been to Rocky before, you may wonder why there is a bull statue at every corner and why some of them have strange names.

Lease-a-bull, read-a-bull, move-a-bull and the list goes on. As the Beef Capital of Australia, Rocky takes great pride in it's bull statues. So much so we run competitions to name them and dress them up for special events.

Six bull statues represent the main breeds of the area while other life-sized statues

It was once rite-of-passage to try and steal a set of testicles from the statues - until they were either permanently removed or secured with a metal rod.

3. That Lifestlye sign

Once you've noticed it, you can't un-see it. The huge sign outside the Red Hill Centre in north Rockhampton which is meant to say 'lifestyle' is spelt incorrectly in size 100 font as 'lifestlye'.

We may cringe every time we see it, but it's part of us now.

4. Railway tracks in odd places

They may cause headaches in peak-hour traffic, but we've come to love them.

The railway tracks that run from one end of Denison St to the other can confuse tourists and hold up the entire town's traffic flow but they are unique to Rocky and we've grown to love them.

Plus, if you're at O'Dowds Pub when a train passes, free shots are up for grabs.

5. Northside and southside rivalry

If you grew up on south side, you'd probably scoff at the idea of moving to the north side of the river, and vice versa.

The north side and south side rivalry has been going on for years and it's certainly alive and well with both sides arguing they have better facilities and and a better place to live.

6. Kershaw Gardens

Whether it be for a wedding, school formal, family or maternity photo-shoot, most locals would have had photos taken at the Kershaw Gardens at least once in their life time.

It's basically an essential part of living in Rockhampton.