Slow turnout for election day Division 3 by-election

It was a slow day for volunteers and candidates for the Rockhampton Regional Council Division 3 by-election on election day on Saturday.

Residents from Lakes Creek, Koongal and Berserker were required to vote for a new councillor after Tony Williams moved into the mayoral role.

A total of 7,641 residents were registered to vote in the division with 30 per cent doing so at the pre-polling.

633 residents opted for postal votes which are due to be returned by Tuesday March 23.

As of 4pm on Saturday around 4,500 people had voted in total.

The Morning Bulletin spoke to volunteers on the ground who said there hadn’t been that many people through the gates of the two booths at Berserker Street State School and Lakes Creek State School.

There was concerns some people weren’t voting as they weren’t aware or didn’t want to given the recent mayoral election.

Some residents who didn’t live in Division 3 and came to vote but didn’t realise it wasn’t for their division.

Counting will begin after the booths close at 6pm with the unofficial preliminary count.

More counting is expected to begin around 10am on Sunday.

A winner may be declared on Sunday if there is a large enough gap that the postal votes wouldn’t make a difference.

There were five candidates for voters to choose from including Deanna Beatson, Grant Mathers, Christian Shepherd, Leyland Barnett and Dave Bauer.