Band of Rocky activists join the global climate protest

BECAUSE Rockhampton's students weren't able to muster their own local Global Climate Strike protest yesterday, it fell to the usual local activists to send a climate message to the powers that be.

Activist and Havachat owner Chris Hooper was joined by four other protestors on a tour of the Rockhampton CBD stopping in at offices of media organisations, Adani, Rockhampton Regional Council and local members of parliament.

A self-funded retiree, Mr Hooper was amused by passing comments from locals stereotypically suggesting they would be better off getting a job when in fact all of the activists were gainfully employed.

Workers from a number of organisations were given permission to participate in yesterday's protest.

While climate change has happened all along, Mr Hooper said what man was doing to the planet now was something different.

He said the relentless pursuit of wealth, consumption and consumerism was driving climate change and the government was reluctant to pull the brakes for fear of collapsing the economy.

Cutting down on coal was an obvious focus for climate activists but he said we needed to look beyond towards limiting our use of cars and cutting down on the number of methane emitting cattle.

Mr Hooper was concerned for the children who were standing up to protest saying there was an unfair stigma attached to those speaking out.

"It's not futile for them but it is futile because (Prime Minister Scott) Morrison is not going to take any notice of them," he said.