Snake catcher reveals unusual tip

THE snake season kicked-off last weekend and one catcher has an unusual tip for keeping the reptiles away - clean your barbecue.

"People need to start cleaning up their yards, mowing their lawns, and getting stuff up off the ground," Bill Pledger from Snake Catcher Moreton Bay 24/7 said.

"They should also be cleaning their barbecues.

"People have a barbecue and then just leave it. Rats and mice come up overnight to get the fat and food left on the plate and snakes eat rats and mice.

"People need to get the excess fat off."

The warning comes after a woman was taken to hospital after a reported bite in Wamuran Basin on Wednesday night.

Mr Pledger said from now until Christmas snakes would be looking for water and mates. "I am going to get busier," Mr Pledger said.

For him the season started at the weekend with six call outs between Friday morning and Monday afternoon.

He had another five during the week to the Wamuran, Albany Creek, Bribie Island and Morayfield areas.

"Four were for out around Mango Hill," Mr Pledger said. "They are mainly pythons at this stage but there was one call from someone who said he had an eastern brown snake in a retaining wall.

"So they are waking up as well."

Mr Pledger said Wamuran Basin was a low area of open grassland, perfect for brown snakes.

"So if the woman was bitten by a brown, that makes perfect sense," he said.

Mr Pledger said he also found many snakes curled up under plant foliage where the grass didn't grow.

"I reckon I got five brown snakes in the past six months from under plants," he added.

Mr Pledge said the brown snake habitat in the Moreton Bay region was down the western side of the Bruce Highway - not so much the coastal side.

Other venomous snakes in the region included red belly blacks, brown tree snakes and whip snakes.

Mr Pledger said tiger snakes and taipans were rarely seen. He also rescues possums and birds.