SIMPLE LIFE: Author Jan Schwarzrock has written a memoir of growing up in Rocky during WWII.
SIMPLE LIFE: Author Jan Schwarzrock has written a memoir of growing up in Rocky during WWII. Maddelin Mccosker Rokjan

REVEALED: What it was like growing up in CQ in WWII

IT was after the death of her 100 year old mother that Jan Schwarzrock decided to write down her memories from growing up in Rockhampton during the Second World War.

Jan's sixth 'little' book, Snapshots, focuses on her childhood, growing up as a 'war baby' in Rockhampton and focuses on the importance of community, recalling an era when communities supported each other.

"It was a gentler society…and my little books are there to remember the way it was in my time," she said.

"Life was simple back then."

The book shares snippets of life during the years of the Second World War, allowing Rockhampton residents a rare glimpse into their community's history.

One section reflects on how the war affected the area and how the way of life that locals had been accustomed to changed dramatically.

"The predictability and peacefulness of the ordinary Australian way of life changed dramatically when the hostilities of the Second World War began to heighten overseas," one section of the book reads.

"Children born during this time came to be known as war babies…I can still recall parts of the Second World War years and can well remember seeing large numbers of uniformed men and women driving jeeps and truck around town,"

"At home I saw American Army officers almost every day, because over time many of them came to live next door to us in my grandmother's commandeered house."

Mrs Schwarzrock says she fondly remembers her childhood in Rockhampton, recalling the warmth that the community showed its residences.

"I really enjoyed growing up in Rockhampton and was fortunate enough to live in a neighbourhood where there was lots of warmth and care and I am grateful to have grown up in a time when people were just kind to everyone," she said.

The book, which can be purchased at the Arcade Newsagency for $12.50 offers a glimpse into the life of a family living in Rockhampton during World War II.