IMAGINE sitting down for a meal or a cup of coffee while the mighty Fitzroy River rushes below you. 

That scene will become a reality at the completion of phase two of the Rockhampton Riverbank Development.

An artist impression of the Rockhampton Riverbank dining pier - set to be built in the next stage of the development.
An artist impression of the Rockhampton Riverbank dining pier - set to be built in the next stage of the development. Contributed

Phase two will see a two storey pier extending out over the Fitzroy River, with a restaurant on the top level enclosed by glass, developed in coming months. 

On the lower bank of the Fitzroy River, in the space the Riverbank project describes as the central activation area and in the current location of Saigon Saigon, there will be a new pier structure built using the existing piers.

This pier structure will be elevated at the Quay Street level and will engage with the Fitzroy River with a cantilevered platform.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow today said she is delighted with the fresh contemporary look of the building and the many innovations that it contains.

"The building will appear to almost float in space, reaching right across the water's edge," she said.

"The pier has been designed to suit Rockhampton's sub-tropical climate with a large overhang roof line and adjustable louver systems to capture the river breezes and provide uninterrupted views.


"The structure will provide much needed shading to the lower area and will help activate and provide a safe and comfortable location for users."

The proposed pier structure will include a restaurant with a supporting commercial kitchen to service approximately 60 patrons. The restaurant will also provide a café function for those wanting coffee and light refreshments.

The lower level will include lockable toilets and a change room for users of the riverbank and the nearby water play area. Disabled amenities will also be available on the upper level.

Mayor Strelow said the revitalisation project was an important process in ensuring a sustainable, vibrant and liveable region.

"This will bring people to the river again, to celebrate and gather as a community and appreciate all the region and our river has to offer.

"It will be a draw card of international significance for tourism and an exciting place to for our region which will inject pride, and provide business and employment opportunities," she said.


Take a sneak peak at what's planned for the Fitzroy Riverbank:

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Thursday, 10 March 2016

Here's what some of our online readers had to say about the next phase of the development: 

Jeremy Hogg: Where are the bunk beds and sleeping quarters?

Andy Latimer: I decided to have lunch down the river the other day, cleaned the table and seat before I had lunch. What came off the table was black and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in ages, while taking in the scenery i noticed a large and load group just drinking and rambling on. Point of the story if your going to make it look pretty again at least follow through with up keep etc and stop people drinking there.

Kira Lee T:  Regular Cleaning and maintenance of bbqs will encourage more frequent & regular use of the space by the general public & families, this in turn will make the space less inviting for the less desirable inhabitants

Steven Maxwell: Great idea bring on all the negative comments and the first to cry about the city not moving forward typical Rockhampton criticism!

Adrian Nelson: 5 star accommodation for the local homeless population, a park bench with a view

Cassie Charles: Seriously? ? Wat a stupid idea. The floods in future will ruin this in an hour..

Natalie Bartholomaeushope they've allowed for flooding......

Andrew Hunter: Diving platforms

Greg Lamberton: Fantastic idea.

Debra Callaghan:  They need 2 dredge river 4 ships 2 come up