Frank Ansford with children Domanic, 10, and Serenity, 8.
Frank Ansford with children Domanic, 10, and Serenity, 8.

‘So devoted to the kids’: Tribute for dad killed in crash

FRANK Ansford may have been the life of any party but his real passion and devotion was to his two children.

The 29-year-old father was "always out to make people laugh" and made it his mission to get a giggle out of those around him.

It shone at every gathering of friends and family, his former wife Shauntel Johnson said in a touching tribute to the man who died in a horror Bruce Highway crash near Carmila on Thursday.

But it was their two children Domanic, 10, and Serenity, 8, who had carved out that special place in his heart, she said.

"He was so devoted to the kids," Ms Johnson said.

"Everything he lived for was for them.

"He used to say on regular occasions the kids were the one thing worth living for."

Mr Ansford had been in the process of moving from the Darling Downs area to Mackay when tragedy struck about 11am Thursday.

His Mazda 2 sedan and a semi-trailer collided about 60km south of Sarina.

Mr Ansford died at the scene.

Compounding the grief of those who knew and loved Mr Ansford is whether they will be able to gather for his funeral, a date for which was yet to be set.

Ms Johnson said with her former husband being as young and as liked as he was, there would be many people wanting to say their final farewells.

"It's hard," she said.


Frank Ansford with children Domanic, 10, and Serenity, 8.
Frank Ansford with children Domanic, 10, and Serenity, 8.

"We haven't even started the funeral arrangements yet but at the back of my mind is that we can't have family come.

"There will be good friends that want to be there with him … I just don't know what to do."

Ms Johnson's immediate concern, though, was her two children who always felt the love of their father.

A turnstile of memories is replaying in her mind of the moments the family shared together, but it's the little things as much as the big moments.

"Recently, we spent the day in Toowoomba before coronavirus got out of hand," she said.

"We spent the day doing the arcades and stuff; the kids really loved being with him and in his company.

"We all had lots of fun and at dinner time, we stopped at Sizzler and took random pictures of the kids.

"It's just the little things."

It's also Mr Ansford's larger than life personality that will be remembered.

"He was always out to make people laugh," Ms Johnson said.

"He would, to the detriment of himself, pull some sort of prank or something, or make a joke.

"He was always the one to make people laugh.

"If he wasn't the centre of attention, he was close to it.

"He would come out of a room with a stupid look on his face and you'd ask what was going on and he'd say, 'go have a look'.

"So you would and there would be some sort of prank there.

"He always kept life interesting.

"But when he had the kids, he did settle down a bit; his focus was more on them."