SEIZING MOMENTS: Southern Suburbs' Andrea Farrow shoots.
SEIZING MOMENTS: Southern Suburbs' Andrea Farrow shoots. Jann Houley

Southern Suburbs continue to improve in week 12 victory

HOCKEY: Southern Suburbs are going from strength to strength with another week in Saturday's week 12 match-up.

Battling through a chilly start to the winter season, Lisa Morgan's A1 women's side defeated Park Avenue Brothers 1-0 at Kalka Shades.

"I'm happy with how they went,” Morgan said of the girls' performance.

"We moved the ball well but were just struggling to score goals.

"I thought Park Avenue's keeper did well and came out at the right times to block our shots.

"Park Avenue has definitely improved and they had a better last quarter than we did.”

In previous weeks, Morgan said one of the main focus for her squad has been on capitalising on opportunities.

"We've certainly improved in that area,” she said.

"I felt we were quite comfortable in coming away with a win.”

In the first quarter during a play through, Souths got the ball in the turnover off Parks and after shifting it well through their mid-field, Morgan's team found Elizabeth Hill in the circle.

"She put it away with a nice, quick ball movement,” Morgan said.

"I thought Parks defended quite well and they held possession a lot more. They were a lot more controlled defensively.

"They tried to change their style up for us and they changed their pattern a bit to counter us at half time.”

After the early goal, Morgan said the girls settled and implemented a consistent, risk-free style.

"We worked on trying to work on our press when they got the ball coming and tried to tidy up our lines,” she said.

"We need more attention on the little things technically for the rest of the season.

"I think we're improving but we've still got a lot of improvement before we hit the finals in August.”

Week 12 Results


Southern Suburbs won on a forfeit from Sparks

Wanderers 5 (Lachlan Wilson 2, Todd Harmsworth, Aaron Thompson, Clayton Evans) def Frenchville Rovers 1 (Tim Byrne)

Meteors won on a forfeit from Park Avenue Brothers.


Southern Suburbs 1 (Elizabeth Hill) def Park Avenue Brothers 0.

Meteors 4 (K. Pagel 2, J. Homann, Sue Rayner) def Wanderers 0.

Gladstone Souths 3 (M. Groves, C. Adams, T. Grady) def Sparks 1 (J. Smith)


Southern Suburbs 12 (R. Petersen 3, H. Balmain 2, R. Knowles 2, N. Druery 2, B. Christensen, E. Mooney, A. Bickell) def 

Park Avenue Brothers 1 (S. Scott)

Wanderers 4 (R. Weatherhead 2, C. Evans, R. Bayntun) drew with Frenchville Rovers 4 (J. Wright 2, M. Welburn, A. Lauga)


Wanderers 4 ( K. Stevens 3, K. Rudd) def Park Avenue Brothers 0.

Southern Suburbs 7 (L. Morgan 2, B. Andrews 2, S. Dei Rossi, E. Hill,, V. Grant) def Frenchville Rovers 2 (R. Turley, L. McGree)


Park Avenue Brothers 7 (P. Gabel 3, S. James 2, K. Thorne, T. Vidler) def Frenchville Rovers 0.

Southern Suburbs 4 (V. Welburn 2, R. Dennis, S. Hammond) def Wanderers 2 (J. Williams, K. Caton)


Wanderers 4 (A. Boswood 2, J. Parker, G. Plumb) def Frenchville Rovers 1 (L. Welsh)

PA Brothers Gold 5 (G. Lee 2, C. Mackenzie, B. Crozier, C. Bills) def PA Brothers Red 1 (P. Crane)