FOOTBALL CQ PREMIER LEAGUE: Bluebirds United's Liam McLean
FOOTBALL CQ PREMIER LEAGUE: Bluebirds United's Liam McLean Jann Houley

Bluebirds come from behind to claim victory in Premier clash

FOOTBALL: A passionate play by Bluebirds United secured them a 3-7 win on Saturday night, with five goals in 14 minutes bringing them out from behind the Southside outfit.


CQ Premier League football: Southside United vs Bluebirds United at Jardine Park June 15 2019

Bluebirds coach Gary Skinner said a focus for the rest of the CQ Premier League Division 1 season was getting at least three points a game to stay in the running for top four.

"We went up 2-0 but then they came back and they were 3-2 in front," he said.

"There were 20 minutes to go when we got five goals in a matter of 14 minutes."


It was a quick game, with the Bluebirds team applying the pressure to their opponents and trying to force them to make mistakes as much as possible.

"We play a hard pressing game and hopefully it gives us the ball early and we can do damage," Skinner said.

The tactic certainly worked for the team, with Liam McLean getting a hat trick and Blake Penfold, Sam Skinner, Yianni Kondilis and captain Darren Holmes adding to the score board.

"Darren has been doing a good job for us," Skinner said.

"Eighteen months ago, if we were in a game where we were 3-2, we would've thrown the white flag in the air.

"We've been building the squad for a while and we have confidence we can win no matter what the score is.

"We proved we can come from behind and get a victory."


Southside United FC 3 - 7 Bluebirds United FC

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