A Capricorn Coast electrician caught with a garden shed drug set-up has been given a suspended sentence.
A Capricorn Coast electrician caught with a garden shed drug set-up has been given a suspended sentence.

Sparkie’s garden shed drug set-up lands him in court

A CAPRICORN Coast electrician caught with a sophisticated hydroponic drug set-up in his backyard garden shed has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Shane Brian Kello, 46, pleaded guilty in Yeppoon Magistrates Court on March 5 to drugs charges including producing cannabis and possessing hydroponic equipment used to produce a dangerous drug.

Police raided Kello’s ­Taroomball residence in February where they found 171 grams of cannabis - an amount described in court as “significant”.

In a garden shed at the property they found a large grow tent with a smaller grow tent inside.

Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Shaun Janes told the court the set-up included power, extraction fans, air-conditioning, grow lights and a grow cycle was documented on a whiteboard.

Kello’s lawyer said Kello had stopped using cannabis to focus on his family.

As Magistrate Cameron Press outlined, the problem for Kello was his history.

“I do note that significant effort went in to this endeavour of producing a dangerous drug,” Mr Press said.

“Indeed there was quite a significant amount of cannabis that was discovered.

“You come before the court having previously been convicted of producing dangerous drugs, along with other associated drug offences.

“You were first convicted of producing in 1995, then you were also convicted in 1996 and placed on a suspended sentence and fined.

“You were then before the court in 2016 being convicted of producing dangerous drugs and you were fined on that occasion.

“Now sir, you are back before the court producing dangerous drugs again.

“You have not taken, or learnt your lesson at all.”

Kello was sentenced to eight months’ jail suspended for two years, and placed on 15 months’ probation.

“If you come back before this court committing any ­offence in the next two years for which you could be ­punished by imprisonment, then the court may order you serve all, or part, of that eight month sentence,” Mr Press said.